Guest Post/Virtual Tour with Giveaway ~ Renegades by Sara Mason

Fae Books Blog 8K Likes Giveaway

Fae Books Blog 8K Likes Giveaway

Hi everyone! Sarah Fae (Graham) here. We’re celebrating over at! We’ve reached over 8000 Likes on Facebook and over 9000 Followers on Twitter. Yay! Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this goal. Thank you to all of you for supporting my ventures, and the authors and writers I rant and rave about. Your support is greatly appreciated. You can add me on Facebook HERE,…

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Guest Post/Virtual Tour with Giveaway ~ Should You Marry Him? by Abby Rodman

The #1 Mistake Authors Are Making On Social Media

The #1 Mistake Authors Are Making On Social Media

Stop Promoting Your Book!

Okay, okay. I know we’re talking about Marketing On Mondays, but what I’ve been seeing so much of on Social Media is authors ONLY putting links up to buy their books, nothing else.

I think many of you are creating some awesome graphics, but it’s very important to remember, building your author platform is about forming relationships with your readers first. If you’re…

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#SundaySoulReads - Review of NyteBeauti by Kristin Roisin

#SundaySoulReads – Review of NyteBeauti by Kristin Roisin



5239981The epic journey of one woman’s search for identity, belonging, and love.When Desta awakens each evening, all she knows is that unquenchable hunger, and a familiar pair of gray eyes. Aside from that, she doesn’t remember anything…yet.It doesn’t take long, before she finds herself thrust into the adventure of a lifetime (or several, as the case may be) as she dodges danger, experiences…

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Spotlight/Virtual Tour with Giveaway with Ana Koza

Guest Post/Virtual Tour with Giveaway ~ IceFlight & FrostBite by Casey Lea

Dark Side of Sunset Pointe by Michael A. Scott Review

Fibromyalgia Won’t Keep Me Down

Fibromyalgia Won’t Keep Me Down

I’ll admit it! I’m a hater! I HATE Fibromyalgia!


I have been dealing with Fibromyalgia for years, and recently found a doctor that finally listened to me and is trying to do something about it. The problem?….

Well, the medications she put me on are killing me. Not kindly either! Dang! Just can’t get those songs out of my head!

For those of you that don’t know what Fibro is, it’s believed to…

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